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About Us

Genuinely Handmade

I am a one woman show and I strive to bring you the best product I possibly can at all times. From soaps, to bubbles bars, to body butters, you can feel confident you are buying a truly handmade product. I make everything in small batches, or made to order. Processing times average 5 business days before shipment.

Palm Free & Eco-Friendly

I do my absolute best to avoid palm oil whenever possible. Together, in small steps, we can decrease our impact on the environment. I re-use shipping boxes when I can, as well as all packing materials. I encourage you to recycle any and all packing materials sent to you with your product.

Great Things Come In Small Packages

I have no intentions of growing to the size that would require hiring a company to produce my products for me. I love what I do and I want to be the one to continue doing it. I take pride in my products, and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

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Because I am exclusively an online shop, I can almost always respond within a few hours. Please understand that there are days where response time will be delayed such as major US holidays. 

Dustbunnys Bubbles LLC

West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States


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